Violence in Burma Threatens Progress


Sudan: Nearly 1 Million in Dire Need


Church Leader Beaten to Death



20September, 2014:  Mission compound in Northern Uganda comes under fire. -Watch Here-


06 OCT “Kevin Turner Hospitalized” – We have some important news on Kevin’s recent trip to Africa and developments that have taken place since our last update. We have another urgent matter that requires your attention and prayers. Kevin’s health has deteriorated in recent days, which has required hospitalization. Below is an update from him, which was made from his emergency room bed… READ MORE

20 SEP “URGENT UPDATE: Mission Base Attacked” – After nearly 10 months of being home tending to his wife and recovering from a leg injury, Kevin returned to Uganda to assist our ministry partners at Reaching Africa’s Unreached (RAU). With Tammy being declared free of cancer, the Lord placed it upon Kevin’s heart to book a ticket and return to the Ugandan/South Sudan border where…. READ MORE

04 FEB “The Greatest Mission of My Life” – As many of you are aware, my wife Tammy has just been diagnosed with Invasive Ductile Carcinoma, with roughly a 4x3cm tumor in her right breast. The other night after her biopsy and before we received this news, I wrapped up and bandaged the incision on her breast and was overcome with a mixture of emotions… READ MORE

05 DEC “African Spiders, Hot Forks and Malaria” – It’s been a few months since our last update and we wanted to share the latest ministry developments with our friends and supporters of SWI. A small team has recently returned from Africa, more specifically, the Northern Uganda/South Sudan region. A small team has recently returned from Africa…. READ MORE

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