Frontline Outfitters

SWI Handmade Bracelet

(Proceeds Support Our School in Central Asia)

Each bracelet comes with a Welcome to Sponsorship of Our School and shares a story that the beads represent:

  • Praying Hands = all people who pray for the school, the children, and the work
  • Green & White beads = colors of the Pakistan flag
  • Ruler = the use of the finest curriculum available
  • Jesus is Love = Christian values are the focus
  • Purple & Black beads = the colors for the school
  • The ABC’s between these represent that English is taught to all who attend, along with their native language
  • Heart = our love for them through Christ
  • Backpack = children receive backpacks at Christmas, filled with items they need for school
  • Hope = what our dreams are for them.

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